Are These Dentures Safe?

Are These Dentures Safe?

Are immediate types of dentures just as safe as other types of dentures? Safety becomes an issue any time surgery is involved, and this is no different when considering immediate or implanted dentures over more conventional types of dentures. Many factors can influence who is a good candidate for these types of dentures, and oral health is only one issue. Let's take a look at some of the considerations involved.

The first step should be getting a complete medical history on the denture candidate. This could quickly show reasons why surgically implanted dentures are not a good option for this patient, thus saving a lot of time and energy from the get go.

Anesthesia may very well present the first hurdle to immediate/implant denture surgery. If a patient has a history of intolerance or allergy to anesthesia, then he or she would likely be ruled out as a candidate at this point.

Individuals on blood thinning medication would not be considered candidates for denture implant surgery either. The presence of heart or kidney disease would also be considerations. Oral infections, and uncontrolled diabetes could impede healing after surgery, rendering immediate denture implants impractical. Dependency on alcohol, drugs or tobacco may interfere with proper nutrition, which aids the healing process. They may also interfere with the patient's ability to follow post-denture surgery instructions. These are just a few examples of medical conditions to be concerned about when considering immediate denture implants.

There are other risks associated with the surgical denture procedure itself. While the rate of incidence is low, it is possible to perforate the nasal sinus during surgery. Nerve damage is also a possibility. Then there is the additional risk of developing a post-surgical infection if proper oral hygiene is not followed through during the recovery period.

Psychological concerns must also be addressed. Denture candidates with neurosis, depression, and anxiety issues would also need to be evaluated carefully before proceeding with denture surgery. Potential immediate denture implant candidates who've had bad dental experiences in the past, and who now have fears associated with dentistry, may also make poor subjects for denture surgery.

So, as you can see, there are many factors involved when considering the safety of immediate/implanted type dentures. Careful thought and research should be put in beforehand to help assure the best outcome. Your denture professional is ready and willing to assist you with your decision.