Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

While having your own natural teeth is preferable, circumstances may someday require a complete set of dentures. Careful consideration should be used when deciding what type of denture will be right for you, and no one is more qualified to help you through the process than your denture professional. Why not be informed of the pros and cons ahead of time, as well as the great advancements being made in denture technology.

First let's take a look at some of the challenges you may face acquiring and learning to use your new dentures. Then we'll offer some solutions.

Difficulty speaking and chewing are some of the first hurdles new denture wearers face. Food may actually work it's way up under the denture base. New dentures also feel rather foreign to your mouth, but that sensation goes away by itself with a few days wear. New dentures may also slip around a little or come loose from the gum ridge at times.

All of this can be difficult to deal with, however, properly made dentures with an accurate custom fit will head off most of these problems before they even come up. If necessary, the new dentures can have the teeth relined to match up more precisely. The denture base can be also further polished or adjusted for a better fit, which should eliminate any sore spots on the natural gums. A close accurate fit is the key to denture comfort.

Waiting a good eight weeks before fitting dentures will give your gums time to better heal from the extractions, and also allow for shrinkage that will occur in the boney ridge during this period. Since relines and adjustments can become expensive, be a patient patient and allow time for healing first. Then you have the best base to start with.

Some patients opt for the immediate type of denture. These dentures are selected and manufactured before the natural teeth are extracted. The teeth are then ready and waiting to be inserted directly into the open sockets as soon as the natural teeth come out. The main drawback of immediate dentures is that the teeth can sometimes shift slightly as the gums heal and the bone goes through the natural shrinking process. Frequently, immediate dentures will require some adjustments during the first six months after installment. However, the greatest advantage to immediate dentures is the fact that you will emerge from your denturist's office with a complete set of teeth.

As always, you should take the best possible care of your natural teeth. But should the need ever arise, your denture professional will be there to guide you guide you through the process to complete denture success.