Dentures Bath

Dentures Bath

Once you get your new dentures, daily cleaning will be the most important part of your routine and the denture bath can make things more convenient. That ugly glass full of teeth is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Denture baths are a more attractive, and more importantly, sanitary way to store your dentures when not in use. The denture bath will keep your dentures safe while keep them moist, which in turn prevents the denture from drying out and shrinking.

It is considered necessary to let your gums rest for about six hours everyday. Most denture wearers accomplish this by removing their dentures every night before they go to bed. This is a good time to give your dentures a thorough yet gentle brushing and a good rinse. Next stop, the denture bath.

In the past, most denture wearers simply placed their teeth into a glass of water and that was that. Then effervescent denture cleaners came on the market promising to help in the removal of stubborn denture stains. Simply dropping a tablet into the glass would give an added boost to your cleaning routine. And this was generally a good thing. But then came the morning and it would be time to fish your dentures out of the glass. Dentures actually happen to be quite delicate and are easily cracked if accidently dropped in the sink or on the counter. Reaching into the glass was awkward at best, and pouring the dentures out into your hand was frankly a little gross. Then man created the denture bath, and it was good.

The denture bath is a basket that uses a loop style handle to set down into the water receptacle. The whole device is constructed of a special plastic that will not support the growth of bacteria. Denture cleaning tablets may still be used with the denture bath. Just toss one in, set your dentures in the basket and set the basket into the bath. In the morning, all you need do is lift the basket from the receptacle, and keeping the dentures in, run the whole thing under the faucet to rinse the dentures. Take the now clean dentures out of the basket, pop them in and you're good to go.

The denture basket helps lessen the possibility of dropping your dentures because you are handling them less. You'll be ready to meet the world with a smile!