One-day dentures

One-day dentures

If you are in need of your first set of dentures or a replacement for current dentures, you now have the option of "one day dentures".

One day dentures are sometimes also referred to as "same day dentures". These dentures fit the needs for two types of denture wearers. Let examine each one separately.

In their simplest form, one day dentures are dentures that can be measured, manufactured and installed the very same day you go in for them. This is possible for the new denture candidate whose gums have just healed from recent extractions, or prior denture wearers who are looking for some type of replacement denture.

There are two catches to this process. First, your denturist will need to have an onsight lab equipped for immediate manufacturing. This is an essential. Second, the potential denture wearer must be willing to forego having the new dentures individually customized to their cosmetic satisfaction. The new dentures will be assembled from in-stock supplies, and the proper choices will be left up to your denturist and the lab technician. Can you be satisfied with this option? Well consider this; if you are happy pulling any old clothes out of a drawer, dressing and heading out to start your day, then same day dentures would probably suit you just as well as custom dentures. However, if you are that person who spends hours at the mall trying on clothes and obsessing on how they make you look before you buy them, same day dentures will probably not leave you feeling satisfied. And satisfaction is the key to denture happiness. If you want to wear your new dentures the same day you go in for them, and you're willing to make compromises, then same day dentures will probably suit your needs.

In some cases, the concept of one day dentures takes on a different meaning. Immediate dentures are a type of denture that can be installed the same day natural teeth are actually extracted. In brief, you will need to pick out replacement dentures ahead of time in order to have them ready and waiting to be installed. The same day your natural teeth are extracted, the new dentures will be immediately cemented into the open bleeding sockets and you will be essentially converting from dentures to natural teeth in one day. This type of one day denture will require some adjustments in the weeks to come as the gums heal, but many denture wearers find it an acceptable alternative to conventional denture methods.

If either of these methods sound satisfactory to you, then one day dentures are a definite option. As always, consult with your denturist first.