Who Should Get Dentures?

Who Should Get Dentures?

Generally speaking, you should probably consider getting dentures when your dentist tells you that you need them. Your denture professional has spent years acquiring the necessary knowledge and expertise, and will only suggest dentures after a careful and thorough examination of your mouth. You will have the opportunity to discuss your individual needs, and your denturist can let you know about the many denture options available to you and help guide you to the best choice.

So, what makes you a candidate for dentures? There are many possible factors. Let's take a look at a few.

Severe tooth decay can be one obvious sign of the future need for dentures. Once teeth become decayed past the point of repair, and root canal is not a desirable option, then they need to come out. Even if only a few teeth are removed, a partial denture known as a bridge can help keep the rest of your teeth properly aligned and restore the ability to chew. Even one missing tooth can be replaced by a denture implant.

The effects of genetic disorders such as Anodontia, the absence of deciduous or permanent teeth, can also be relieved with the use of dentures. In cases such as this, dentures not only restore the ability to chew food, but also help improve the facial appearance, and boost self esteem.

Physical injuries sustained in automobile accidents, and sports injuries can also lead to tooth loss. Again, there are a wide variety of custom-made denture types available to fit every need.

Periodontal diseases left unchecked can eventually lead to tooth loss. Most types of dentures can be helpful in these situations. However, implant dentures are not really suitable if periodontal disease is left untreated. Another condition, uncontrolled diabetes, can impede the gums from healing properly after titanium posts have been implanted. Denture implants may not be the best choice for this situation either, although standard dentures would work nicely.

The bottom line is that if you need dentures then you should have them. With the wonderful advancements being made in denture technology today, dentures are loosing the stigma they carried in the past. Dentures come in so many shades and shapes that you can design the custom smile you've always wanted. The dentures available are so natural looking that often no one knows who's wearing them. And isn't that how it should be?