Denture Products

Denture Products

Sometimes even a great set of dentures can use a little help, and there are a number of supplementary denture products out on the market to fit nearly any need. These products cover a wide range and can provide relief for denture wearers. Let's get an overview of what's available and how it can help.

Supplementary products to aid the cleaning of dentures are a big industry. There are special denture brushes with bristles that are firm enough to get between the denture teeth and into crevices, but have soft enough bristle tips to avoid scratching the denture's surface and ruining the finish. Toothpaste especially formulated to avoid scratching dentures is also available. Dissolvable tablets for soaking your dentures promise to remove extra stains and kill the bacteria that makes dentures smell bad. And a special denture bath that offers a safer way to soak dentures overnight has begun to replace that glass on the sink.

There are also products available to help supplement a denture's fit and comfort level. Denture creams and adhesives provide an elastic bond that works to secure dentures against the gums, leaving a more secure fit and higher comfort level. Working along the same lines, a silicone rubber suction cup denture liner can be retro-fitted to an existing denture, offering greater comfort and restoring a firm fit to the denture. Denture cushions, small cotton appliances permeated with wax may also be used on a temporary basis to provide comfort to sore gums until a denturist can be seen.

Those are just a list of the standard supplementary denture products. There is a whole new do-it-yourself line of denture kits that denture wearers can use at home to make their own repairs and adjustments.

These kits offer denture wearers materials, tools, and instructions for making a variety of alterations to their dentures. There are kits to repair denture teeth and base fractures, and kits to replace denture teeth that have fallen out of their acrylic bases. More kits are available to repair broken metal clasps, and to add temporary liners, semi-permanent liners or complete denture reliners. All are readily available to the denture wearer on today's market.

It is debatable whether all of these products actually live up to their promises, but on the average most of them provide some level of extra comfort or cleaning ability. However, there really is no substitute for a properly fitted and manufactured set of dentures.

It should be noted that denture wearers should consult their denture professional before using any of the home denture repair kits. It is possible that using these kits improperly could lead to damaging the dentures permanently.