Sonic Denture Cleaner

Sonic Denture Cleaner

A sonic denture cleaner is a great little device for keeping your dentures clean and fresh. They are simple to use and provide superior cleaning power. Many people find that adding a weekly, or even daily, sonic bath to their denture routine is simple and rewarding. By maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of their dentures, they are happier with their appearance and functionality.

Dentures get a good work out everyday. It is important to clean off the plaque and food particles that collect on the surface and around the teeth. Rinsing and brushing dentures is a must, but following up with an ultrasonic cleaner is even better.

So, how does a sonic cleaner work? A sonic bath can be electric or battery powered. In the little tub, you simply place warm water and some denture cleaner. Always follow the package directions for the right amount of cleaner. Gently place your dentures into the appliance, close the cover, and turn it on. It's that simple!

The sonic denture cleaner uses sound waves, called ultrasonic energy, to make the solution bubble. Those bubbles work into the denture material, loosening dirt, removing food debris, and generally cleaning everything. The sonic cleaner actually scrubs the denture surface with tiny, gentle bubbles. Once the cleaning action is done, it is important to simply rinse your dentures and the sonic cleaner in warm water to remove any of the cleaning solution that may linger.

One of the wonderful things about a sonic denture cleaner is the convenience. You can get it started in the morning, jump into the shower, and your dentures and clean and ready to go before your hair is dry.

Not only is it easy and convenient, a sonic cleaner helps keep your dentures stain and odor free. Consider adding this step to your denture care routine.