Different Kinds of Dentures

Different Kinds of Dentures

Dentures fall into two basic categories, full plate and partial. The partial denture can cover your need for one tooth or several. The full denture plate will replace an entire set of natural teeth.

Full dentures are commonly referred to as standard dentures. They have the full acrylic mouth piece that adheres to the gums and roof of your mouth. Precise fitting is necessary in order to achieve the level of suction your dentures need to ensure a secure fit. Standard dentures typically take four visits to fit, design and manufacture, but your denture professional will work as long as necessary to make sure you have a comfortable fit.

Partial denture plates are made in much the same way, but are easier to fit since they cover a smaller area. The main difference is that partial dentures depend more on being attached to the teeth with special clips, and are less dependent on suction.

The Cu-Sil denture is a variation on the standard denture set. Cu-Sil dentures look like standards with one exception. They have open spaces to accommodate the few natural teeth that may be left. These dentures have the advantage of offering more stability because the remaining natural teeth help anchor the denture in place. Together with the proper suction, they can be very comfortable dentures to wear.

Immediate dentures, sometimes referred to as temporary dentures, are set into the open gum sockets immediately after the natural tooth has been removed. Immediate dentures give you the advantage of walking out of the dental office with new teeth the same day. However, as the gums begin to heal and swelling goes down, some shifting can take place and your denturist will need to make further adjustments to align the teeth properly.

Which brings us to the highest standard in denture stability, the implant denture. As with dentures in general, they fall into the two basic categories; full set and partial.

Whichever type of denture you and your dentist feel is right for you, advancements in denture technology have brought us the most natural looking and comfortable dentures the world has known to date.