Soft Dentures

Soft Dentures

Get ready for the most comfortable dentures you are ever going to wear, the soft denture. Soft dentures are on their way to becoming the gold standard in denture technology. Completely flexible, yet with a grip so firm you can bite an apple, soft dentures finally offer what denture wearers have always dreamed of; a denture that doesn't hurt or slip.

Soft dentures are completely made of a flexible resin, differing slightly from their close cousin, the flexible denture which consists of a flexible resin overlay on an acrylic denture base.

Let's take a look at why soft dentures fit so snugly. Our jaw ridges tend to be wider near where the teeth meet the gums and tend to curve slightly inward just above and below our natural teeth. This curve inward is referred to as the undercut. When being inserted, a soft denture has the ability to give a little as it passes over the widest point of the gum, but then flexes back inward to conform to the undercut. That's how such a soft denture can provide a great grip without any clips. And perhaps the best part, curving into the undercut keeps food from getting up under the denture. You can go out to dinner and not worry about having to remove your dentures and rinse them in a public restroom.

Soft dentures may wear out a little sooner than flexible resin over acrylic denture types, but they are still far more durable than standard acrylic denture bases. And while soft dentures are still capable of being relined, you may not need any adjustments at all. The small amount of give in the resin material allows a soft denture to rest against your gums more completely, eliminating those agonizing sore spots caused by pressure points on acrylic dentures.

It may interest you to know that the flexible resin used in soft dentures is hypo-allergenic. That's good news for those who are allergic to acrylic and thought they could never wear a denture.

In addition to comfort and fit, soft dentures also look really great. The base has a soft pink transparent tone that allows some of your natural gum color to show through, and no unsightly clips to give away the fact that you're wearing a denture.

So, if you'd almost given up hope of ever finding a truly comfortable denture that is so secure you could grind nuts with it, the soft denture may be just the ticket.