Denture Repair

Denture Repair

Accidents happen. Denture repair is something that every denture wearer needs to be aware of and prepared for. Like anything else, dentures sometimes get broken or wear out. They are custom made to fit into your mouth, but the human body is always changing, so they will not fit forever.

As some point, you will need to arrange repairs for your denture. Fortunately, less-expensive, short-term use, duplicate dentures are available during the repair or replacement of your regular denture. It is a good idea to have that emergency denture made before your regular denture breaks so that you will be ready to handle it's absence.

While it is tempting to try to do it yourself, it is not a good idea to make your own repairs to your dentures, as this can simply lead to more damage and potential health problems. Dentures that don't fit right can cause gum irritation and mouth sores. A trained specialist knows how to make the right measurements, and has all the right repair and replacement materials on hand.

With time, dentures show normal wear and tear. They may need to be relined, rebased or remade. This is normal and expected. To reline or rebase the denture, the existing teeth are placed into a new or refitted denture base. If the teeth are showing signs of wear or become loose, the denturist will replace them.

Dentures can become loose as we get older. The shape of your mouth will change and shrink over time. This causes your jaws to align differently, and thus, your dentures will not fit the same. These structural changes in facial features affect the way the denture fits in your mouth. If your dentures are too loose, chewing is more difficult, and your face will not look the same. This kind of change requires the attention of a professional denturist so that the repairs are done right. You have such an investment in the denture it is important to keep them looking good with proper cleaning and maintenance.