Getting Affordable Dentures

Getting Affordable Dentures

It is possible to get good quality dentures at an affordable price. But cheap dentures are usually just what they advertise; cheap. And by cheap, we mean cheaply made dentures.

You might be surprised to realize that many people just don't understand what the defining line is between cheap and affordable, and this can spell denture disaster. An affordable denture should be defined as a denture that gives you value for your investment. An affordable denture should still have durability. A cheap denture may seem like a good idea at first, but after paying for three or four repairs down the road, most denture wearers will come to realize that they did not receive value from their investment. That is what truly defines an affordable denture from a cheap denture.

Less expensive methods of manufacturing a denture base may well save you money initially, but there are drawbacks to be considered. Traditional methods of making the pink denture base used a heat-curing process that tended to slightly shrink the denture's intended fit. This led to a denture that no longer held a completely accurate impression of the denture wearer's ridges, so the fit would have to be adjusted. The latest technology uses an acrylic injection method to form the final denture base, thus avoiding distortion and leaving the denture with the custom fit intended. Injection molded denture bases cost slightly more to make, but they give the denture a superior fit.

All that being said, it is still possible to find quality in an affordable denture if you are willing to make a few compromises. Again, these are compromises in custom design, not overall quality.

If you had your heart set on having your dentures surgically implanted with titanium rods, and custom designed teeth in just the shape and color you've always dreamed would make you look like a Hollywood star, take a step back. You're going to have to set your sights on something more reasonable. A well made set of standard dentures fitted by a skilled denturist and manufactured at a reputable denture lab will still give a nice smile and the ability to eat properly. Even though your new dentures won't have teeth modeled on your favorite celebrity, you can still choose from some decent looking catalog denture teeth.

If you are willing to re-adjust your expectations, then a good quality denture at an affordable price can be a reality.