Cheap Dentures

Cheap Dentures

The word cheap carries a certain connotation, and cheap dentures bring certain images to mind.

Picture an attractive person checking you out at the local watering hole. Kind of cute, great clothes, goody body... all in all, a promising subject. And then you get the wink. So far so good. Then comes...THE SMILE! (Insert the sound of screeching brakes and breaking glass.) You are suddenly looking the cheapest, cheesiest, most artificial looking dentures you ever saw right in the mouth. As denture-face starts grooving his/her way toward you, you slap a ten spot on the bar and make tracks for the door. The evening has become a car wreck, and only one thing could make it worse. Flip flop the situation and denture-face is YOU!

This is the kind of nightmare you only hope you can wake up from. Cheap dentures look cheap for a reason and here's why.

Most denturists would prefer to help you choose a quality denture that has been custom designed for you. Dentures that not only look great, but feel great. Dentures with the durability to stand up to everyday wear and tear, and keep their original fit and condition for as long as possible.

However, for various reasons some potential denture wearers find themselves at a one day denture shop, probably with the misguided notion that they are on to a great way to save some cash. While dentures purchased in such a place may be reasonably serviceable, there is no way they compare to quality customized dentures.

Dentures at places such as these don't offer the opportunity to select the individual size, shade, and shape of denture teeth that can make a decent pair of dentures great. They simply don't have time. They serve a clientele that wants their dentures now, today, and they're not hung up on how those dentures look as long as they work. Dentures you purchase from this establishment are assembly line quality. Once you have been properly fitted, the denturist will wisk your info into the lab in back where he and the lab technician will choose which pre-manufactured teeth go into the denture base. One shudders to think of the results if stock is low that day.

This is not to rule out the possibility that you may actually wind up with a reasonably decent set of dentures, but the odds are definitely lowered right from the start.

Why not choose to invest in yourself. After all, cheap dentures are no bargain if you're too embarrassed to wear them.