Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures

Your smile is the first thing others notice about you. If you are missing part of your smile, you won't have the confidence to let others see you-the real you-that only your smile reveals. Fortunately, you don't have to hide your broken smile any longer! There are full and partial dentures available to you.

Full dentures are a completely new set of teeth for your mouth. There are three different types of full dentures-immediate, conventional, and overdentures. Immediate and conventional dentures are described as such depending on the time of their implantation. Your mouth must be completely free of your own natural teeth before your full dentures can be implanted. If you choose to have your dentures put in as soon as your natural teeth are removed, they would be called immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are not implanted until your mouth has completely healed from extraction of your existing teeth. One process allows you to have teeth (dentures) in your mouth as you heal from the extraction, and the other allows you to heal first before you have your dentures fitted and implanted. Overdentures are full dentures that are placed over your existing teeth, and only some mouths are suitable for this procedure.

Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) allow you to use some of your own teeth; they replace only the already missing teeth. RPD's are classified by the quality of materials used. There are acrylic, cast metal, and flexible framework RPD's. Each of these uses the various types of materials to attach artificial teeth to your jaw. They also vary in price according to the materials used.

Don't let your broken smile keep the world from seeing the real you. Check out the links below and start your denture search today!

Links: is a very helpful site. It gives clear descriptions of the products and services offered, and it gives basic prices depending on your area of the country. You can read about their history, and there is also a testimonial section so you can hear what others are saying. You will also find the FAQ section very helpful; after all, a dentist is the best person to answer all your denture questions.

This site provides a really interesting service; they actually provide dentures through the mail! They have been providing this service sine 2001. It involves several wax impressions that you make of your teeth yourself and send in. They send the impression back to you, and when you are satisfied, they will make the final set for your approval. The service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The product promoted here is a patented, FDA approved valve called UltraSuction. UltraSuction is valve that is inserted into existing dentures-new or old-and replaces the messy adhesive. Its vacuum chamber effect keeps the dentures secure and tight, and it reduces rubbing and irritation of the gums. This is a very cost effective way to continue using your existing dentures while ensuring a tight and comfortable fit without the mess of adhesives.

Who better to trust with your dental questions than the American Dental Association? This particular page is helpful in that it answers some frequently asked questions regarding dentures. If you are wondering how your dentures will feel, how long to wear them, or if you should use an adhesive or not-take a look at this ADA site; they are sure to have your answer.